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Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist & Skin Consultant

Exclusively using vegan certified/cruelty free products & tools

Hello There....
My name is Zoey, I'm 35yrs young and love everything beauty related.  I am a fully qualified beauty therapist, however, I found that my particular skill and special interest was makeup and  have undergone further training in this area. I now hold a level 3 diploma in Fashion, Photographic, Media, Theatrical  and Special Effects Makeup along with Bridal Hair/Up-do's award certificate.

I am personable, versatile and passionate about my freelance work. I have 20yrs customer relations experience which enables me to relate well to a wide variety of people. I love meeting and finding out about new people which makes this career even more satisfying and enjoyable. 
I have an upbeat, 'glass half full' attitude with a fun, friendly and approachable nature.  I am  utterly dedicated to helping you look and feel your best for all of your special events, with a reasonable and fair price tag.

In my work I look to maximise your natural beauty and features, I strongly believe makeup is about enhancement not masking and individuality rather than a 'one fit for all' approach to applying makeup.
I am a big animal lover and therefore I exclusively use products that are vegan/cruelty free and never tested on animals nor do they contain any animal derived ingredients. I mainly use Arbonne skincare & cosmetics not only because I think they are possibly the best products I have ever had the pleasure of trying and in my opinion pretty unbeatable performance wise, but also because they are 100% vegan certified, botanically based (made from fruits, plants & veggies) and free from parabens, mineral oil and other harmful chemicals and preservatives. They pack quite a punch and I am so proud to work with them on my lovely clients.

The Arbonne cosmetics benefit from being non-comedogenic (does not clog pores and allows the skin to breathe, so no outbreaks), are hypo-allergenic (designed with the most sensitive skin in mind), with a patented optilight technology (the ultra fine molecules creates a soft focus, which gives a youthful, dewy, yet matte effect - it's literally like having your very own lighting team following you around all day). The products are extremely lightweight, so much so you can actually forget you are wearing any makeup at all.
The products are also PH correct which our skin requires in order to keep the acid mantel (protective layer) working as it should. The acid mantel plays a very important role as it is designed to help keep out every day free radicals, pollution and bacteria to keep our skin looking and feeling it's best. The company's motto is 'Pure, Safe and Beneficial' and therefore the skincare and cosmetics are great for, and been known to aid so many of these common skin complaints;
~ Eczema ~ Psoraisis ~ Dermatitis ~ Acne ~ Open Pores ~ Rosacea ~ Pigmentation ~ Sun Damage/Age Spots ~ Scarring ~ Ageing ~

"Makeup isn't about covering up who you are and creating someone new, it's about working with and enhancing people's individual beauty to reveal the best version of you"

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